Saturday, August 1, 2015

Friendship's Day


The consulting idealist will discuss about the importance of a friend in a human being's life....
    Friends are F: Forever
                        R: Residing
                        I : In
                        E: Environment and
Yes folks, friends are those part of our lives which never die, the friendship we create will never fade; its omnipresent ,it's in our environment of heart and soul.
Some friendships last a lifetime while some end soon, but the ones that end, do they not create memories? 
Are they not the once upon a time precious jewels, which made you laugh ?
Circumstances make these changes and people believe they have moved on, but how can anyone move on from a once best friendship. 
To all those people who broke their friendship apart due to unavoidable reasons, cheers, because you moved on, you made a million new friends as well as sorrow, you lost one of your gem. 
The friendship's day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August,i.e., 2nd August'2015. Initially it was started by card companies to increase revenue and sell cards, but now it is celebrated internationally by tying friendship bands and gifting cards.
Its a medium of making new friends, telling old ones you still are my friend and silently unfriending a lot of people by not wishing them.
I find friendships day analogous to Raksha Bandhan, an Indian festival, where the sister ties a sacred thread(Rakhi) on the brother's wrist and the brother owes to take care of his sister. It's a method of tying a Rakhi or modernly called as friendship band, its a tie between two souls that promise to take care of each other. 
It is a promise that whatever happens I will be besides you through rough and smooth, happiness and sorrow, success and failure. 
The custom of tying threads is very sacred, it depicts that the two souls are now connected, consider marriages to holding hands, its the creation of a connection between two humans. 
Friendship day can be celebrated with your parents, teachers, family and obviously friends, it's a promise 'REMEMBER', do abide by it faithfully .

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